Current Productions

Here is a list of current productions offered:

Journey through the Caribbean: takes the audience on a journey through the Caribbean using music, songs, dance and storytelling. The journey begins in Africa and weaves through Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic using the drums, traditional songs, dance and costumes as a vehicle to transport the audience.

Retumba La Roka: “Retumba La Roka” aka “Roka Tumba” is a collaboration between Full Circle Soul and ¡Retumba! The production is an inter-generational, cross-cultural, fusion work combining the music and dance of hip-hop with the folkloric genre of traditional rhythms and dance from Puerto Rico; Bomba and Plena.It is a multi-faceted exploration of how connected and disconnected the Puerto Rican –Nuyourican generations are as time passes. The resilience of island traditions and their present day manifestation in New York points to the loyalty experienced by the artists who are caught in the middle while trying to represent the voice of the people accurately. 
Fiesta Navideña: leads the audience on an engaging and educational journey into the traditional celebration of Christmas in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and Latin America. This colorful and spirited program, featuring holiday songs, instrumental music, dances and games explores the rich diversity as well as the underlying similarities in which the holiday season is joyously celebrated in Spanish America.

Holiday Extravaganza: Traditional holiday music and dances from Latin America and the Caribbean: The melodious songs of a Mexican Posada, the lively and entertaining game of a Mexican Piñata, the rich and lively rhythms of Puerto Rican Parranda (Christmas caroling) and inspiring stories of peace, love and hope. Indulge your senses with the Three Kings Pageant with gigantic puppets that will bring the show to a grand finale.

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